Red Rhino Crushers where quality, reliability and performance comes as standard

What can we do for your business?

— Save you money on landfill and muck away costs

— Convert a cost to your business to earning you money

— Become greener

— Save valuable and precious landfill space

— Win more business and become profitable on demolition, construction and maintenance projects

The Product Range

From the 2000 series to 7000 Plus. Click on the images below for more information

-3000 series

-2000 series

-4000 series

-5000 series

-7000 series

-7000 plus



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Why did i buy Red Rhino?


Who are we?

1. We manufacture a range of crushers designed for recycling

2. We have been in business since 1968

3. All our products are manufactured in the UK

4. We supply our crushers all over the world

Our Products

  • In excess of 6t per hour.
  • Jaw aperture 400mm x 170mm

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