The construction industry currently produces 120 million tonnes of waste every year. Around 20 million tonnes of this waste ends up in landfill with no reuse and no intrinsic value. *In financial terms the UK is spending £4bn to dump waste in a landfill site. *

Why would you want to pay up to £200 per skip to dump when you can crush your concrete and relay the crushed material down as your base product? … Or better still sell it!
Red Rhino recently sold a 5000 series crusher to a large waste transfer station in the south of England. This customer stated that “he is delighted to be working with Red Rhino and it has made a signfiicant difference to the way they handle the waste they receive”


Below are two example of the type of crushers currently being used by the waste industry to process the construction and demolition waste.
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5000 series

7000 series

Take a look at the savings and benefits section on the home page to see just how much you could save by crushing not dumping. We must get away from just dumping our waste. It has value!!!

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