Every demolition job that you undertake will generate rubble. In our experience most people skip this “waste” rubble and dump in landfill.
This cost of dumping this waste has been rising rapidly over the course of the last 5 years but the good news is there is an alternative.
This alternative is to use a mini crusher to crush this rubble. Large scale crushing can be both time consuming but also very expensive.

Using a 7000 series mini crusher for example will offer you all the portability of a small scale crusher but with crushing performance of nearly 45 tonnes per hour.
If we use the typical example of a skip containing 5 tonnes of rubble and it costing £150 per skip to remove

In 1 hours crushing by the 7000 series you will have crushed 9 skips worth of rubble.

This equates to a massive saving of £1350 per hour.

Using a 7000 series mini crusher is the most affordable and effective way of handling the rubble on site.

Why not save the crushed rubble and sell it on for future build projects.

The 7000 series Plus Red Rhino Crusher offers user the option of a grizzly vibrating feeder.

This crusher really does punch above its weight in an industry that is looking for cost savings without any compromise in output and performance.
The 7000 series plus crusher really does tick all the boxes in this industry

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