Dick Searle Plant Hire. Inc.

Since owning the Red Rhino 5000, I have not bought an ounce of Limestone or MOT type one for years and we do build loads of driveways etc in a year, all of our jobs we are using our own crushed concrete, this alone has saved thousand ££s per year, plus we are selling it after being paid to take it away and also we still go out on hire with the Rhino ,now I know your saying that were certainly not the first to do this, of course were not far from it this has been happening for years and all this is still bloody hard work and it will not make you a millionaire, every day is different and the" weeks just fly by".

So you see a purchase of a new Red Rhino can get to you and you will sadly start taking notice of potential piles of uncrushed concrete in your area and saying "I can crush that”! You will be picking up stones ,lumps of concrete from your other jobs which at first you think your being a “skinflint” but remember it does not take long to pick up a ton of uncrushed that you can turn into £30.00 bag full! So it really can work for you, whether you’re like us already in the Plant hire “game” or even a totally new career move! The Rhino will certainly bring in other work as well, every “Man and his dog” has got a minidigger but very few a useful concrete crusher! Word soon gets round your local area , we did and still do lots of local advertising ,eg , local evening paper ,parish mags, flyers, local radio with a jingle saying " Were comin to crush your Rocks" we also told local plant hire firms to put any crushing jobs our way ,but a good little tip which we have done was to put the Rhino on one of our lorries and park it at a local busy builders merchants gates for all the builders to see for a few hours ,we have also done the local B&Q on a very Saturday morning which sits on a busy road. We also send literature to potential demolition customers who have appear in the local papers requiring planning permission! We also lucky enough to do a “Green day” at Cambs County Council Recycling yard which was televised as well, The Council even purchased a Red Rhino on the strength of our demonstration over other competitors, all this sort of stuff helps until you get established.



Crusher pays for itself in 9 weeks!.. Mike Wilkes Building Services

Mike Wilkes & Son has been established for over 20 years and first started out with one man and a van, the business began with an advert in the local newspaper advertising roofing work and has gradually grown ever since.
At present we currently have a friendly team of 33 staff (3 office staff, 1 contracts manager and 29 on site) who cover most building trades. We have 4 apprentices from the Merthyr area and for the last 10 years have taken on apprentices every year. We pride ourselves on the fact that we employ local people which in turn helps support our community, and work with the Pathways scheme in getting people back to work.

We carry out work for both the Public and Private Sector and have had contracts with Merthyr Tydfil Council for over 20 years.
We are currently carrying out contracts with Tai Calon, RCT Homes and RCTCBC, Bron Afon, MVH and MTCBC.

Looking after the environment is important to us and we try to keep all of our waste to a minimum.
My issue like many other people in the same industry face was the rising costs of disposing of the rubble on building jobs and then buying in crushed aggregate. The cost of this seemed to be rising all the time and I needed a solution that would save me money.
Crushing my own aggregate seemed the obvious solution. But who to choose???

I visited the Red Rhino factory with my wife where I couldn’t fail to be impressed by the level of engineering and the quality of the product.
The quality checks throughout the build process really did offer me a peace of mind that a Red Rhino Crusher was the right crusher for me. The added bonus of the 5000 series is that I can tow it around with me on my plant trailer.
On the 15th August Mike Wilkes and Son Building Company took receipt of our first 5000 series Red Rhino crusher.

I immediately put the crusher to work and was amazed at what it could crush and the amount I could get through in a day.
It all seemed too good to be true. I decided to work out what it would have cost me had I kept paying to dump the rubble and buying in crushed aggregate. I was amazed with the result of this.
My crusher had paid for itself in 9 weeks!!!! No other piece of plant equipment I had ever purchased in 20 years of trading had ever managed to pay for itself that quickly.

IN THE RED CORNER— a man in the know- Malcolm Bates

As a Technical Journalist who has, if nothing else, been around for a few years, I’ve been looking forward to commenting on the regeneration of the Red Rhino brand and it’s potential for reaching ever-greater heights.

It might be overplaying the comparison a bit to suggest that one of Britain’s most famous “British” brands was itself started by a bloke in a shed, but today the company Joe Bamford started – JCB – is truly iconic and world class. And still managed by Brits. So on the crest of an Olympic tide of national pride, my thinking is, why cant it be done again?

Why cant Red Rhino be as successful and well known as JCB? Or indeed, any other successful British brand. After all, the recycling of builders waste in smaller batches, at a local level, has to be the most ecological solution in terms of reducing truck movements and cutting down on the blight of mineral extraction. And to do that, our society will need a good number of wheeled loaders, or telehandlers (which is where JCB might come in) as well as a whole range of crushers and screens to turn thousands of tonnes of material that until now, we’ve largely tended to dump in holes in the ground. What better than to turn waste concrete, rock and stone into a product that can be used to help kick-start our economy?

With a number of financial commentators suggesting that it might take another ten years before the mainstream construction sector gets back into gear – although many lovers of the Countryside probably hope that time will never come – the solution to creating jobs could well fall on more small-scale building projects, such as extensions and refurbishments. Projects where ‘recyclable local materials’ could be part of the ‘Planning Gain’? Exactly.

The wider availability of easy-to-transport crushers and screens also has considerable benefit when it comes to boosting the plant hire sector on a nationwide level. Instead of hiring a skip and a digger, small scale construction projects would be able to hire-in a crusher and recycle the remains of any demolition, or where space is tight, transport the waste material to the nearest ‘Bring Site’, returning home with recycled fill.

Do you know the best bit? If every local authority did that – and sold the recycled material back to local contractors and DIY-ers at a small profit – landfill taxes could be slashed, which in turn could help lower those Council Tax bills. Now that’s what I call recycling!

And that’s a lot of benefit from a little red crusher or two, don’tcha think?